Stop Smoking Personalized Package. Includes 2 session. Stop Smoking first session, 2nd session reinforcement. Comes with 2 personalized free recordings. $249 for package.

You came into your lifetime with a backpack, a backpack full of tools that will help you find your way in life. Look inside that backpack and see what you came with in your life…

Weekly Meet Thursday 6:30-8:30pm Each session $30

Group Stop Smoking Hypnosis   Tuesday 6:30-8:30

6 weeks, 6pm-7:15pm. Gentle restorative yoga with mindful meditation. Pre-register and pre-pay. Limited spaces. Bring mat and blanket. $80

This a session worth a million dollar, today for $1 only.

Prepayment of four hypnosis sessions at Empowerment Hypnosis.

Pre-payment, single hypnosis session with Deb Kizilcan

Online Skype Coaching/Hypnosis with Deb Kizilcan

  This fun workshop includes relaxing hypnosis session that access our subconscious mind to find answers to questions which may keep us stuck. You will ask yourself these important questions and answer them through auto-writing.…