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Professional Hypnosis in Auburn

We work with a variety of health, habit and personal issues in a caring environment.

Hypnosis is a well researched solution to I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Hypnosis teaches a person how to control sensation, comfort and personal experience. The research shows it is effective.

Lyme disease can result in chronic conditions that many find responsive to hypnosis. Hypnosis can compliment medical treatment,  and teach you strategies for increasing energy, reducing discomfort and increasing daily satisfaction.

Many people have used hypnosis to change eating and activity patterns and finally succeed at weight loss where diets have failed. Are ready to release the excess weight forever?

Is anger, depression or anxiety ruining your relationship and personal happiness? Hypnosis can help you move into a new chapter of life, releasing negativity that is holding you back.

Therapeutic relaxation changes life. It can reduce medical complications, promote healing and help you to handle the everyday issues of life. Have you ever thought, “I just need to relax?” Learning self-hypnosis is the way to create calm.

Hypnosis works to help people quit smoking for good. In our Auburn office, you can get hypnotized and put cigarettes behind you for good.

Watch our videos below, to learn more about the process of hypnosis. Call Deb at (508) 579-6314 and overcome anything!

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