Are you sitting on the fence?  Looking to make a decision?

Auto writing has been used to seek guidance from our subconscious mind .  Once the conscious, sometimes critical mind is relax we can access the answers that come from within.  Hypnosis is successful with accessing our subconscious mind.  Once in hypnosis you can freely write whatever comes to you, writing with your pen automatically on to your paper or journal.  .  You would be amazed at what will come to you so naturally and easily.

You may have questions about :

  • Your relationships and where is it going?
  • Your career or job?
  • What is your passion and you incorporating it in your life?
  • What can you do to support your healthy and natural abilities to heal?
  • Are you thinking about moving?
  • Or simple what do I need to know at this time?

In our everyday busy life we may be distracted away from our true being, our inner soul. With this exercise of auto writing we tune in to our true selves and allow ourselves to hear our answers.

This is a practice and a tool that you can take with you . Developing this quiet time and listening to your inner knowing. Auto writing can become easier and easier each time you practice.  Contact with your inner truth.

Here are the details of our upcoming class: